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To Print, or not To Print?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

That's a question that a lot of ladies ask themselves because bold printed fabrics can be quite scary! If you are a woman that has primarily dressed in monochrome looks (or stayed with "simple" prints, i.e. stripes or small floral patterns), attempting a bold colored or large-scale print can be quite overwhelming. Hopefully once you're done with this article, you will feel empowered to start expanding your wardrobe and your style attitude with some statement-making, big and bold prints!

In general, most ladies' response to a bold print is not "Well, maybe I'll try this and see how it goes". Bold prints aren't bought thinking you'll "learn" to like it; it's an immediate love or hate.

Fortunately, several seasons have shown us that most ladies' style attitude has definitely changed to love! Bold, colorful prints have a tendency to make people happy!

Within the past 10 years, there has definitely been a huge acceptance and inclusion of both bold and colorful prints into most ladies' wardrobes. This trend has also started a new one; it's referred to as "pattern mashing" which usually means you style your look with a statement print, then mix it with other patterns that either pick-up the color or one of the designs in the statement print to bring it all together. For the really bold and brave, some wear the statement print and go completely opposite with the added patterns. The best part is how completely customizable bold prints are; it's all up to how bold you want to be!

So, are you ready? Okay...try taking small steps; the best way to start is with a scarf that has a print and/or colors bolder than what you would normally wear. Scarfs are quite versatile because they can be used multiple ways: 1) Spring/Summer head wrap or waist wrap or, 2) Spring/Summer beach skirt cover up or bandanna bra! And of course, Fall/Winter always allows a bold, beautiful scarf around the head, neck, shoulders and waist!

Once you've worn that scarf and seen how your style attitude changes and how happy you feel, you'll be a bold print addict!

Have fun and go make your statement!

Ciao for now-


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